Why Choose Tomar?

Serving Toronto, GTA since 1975,
4 Generations of experience

Although Tomar Construction has been around since the mid 70’s, we have actually been in the family business, as stone masons / artisans / pavers, for 4 generations.  Our knowledge and experience has not only been gained first hand but passed on from generation to generation.  This gives us a vast resource of knowledge and experience that has allowed us to adapt to the different materials that have come out of the stone manufacturing industry.  We can work with any concrete or stone product that your imagination wants to put into place.

Lifestyle architect design, quality and value at a reasonable price

We give you the same high end quality of design and construction as a “lifestyle architect” only at lower cost.  As a family business, our overhead is lower.  Our generations of experience gives us the knowledge and skill to not only build a structurally sound project, but the fluidity with the materials (stone, wood, concrete, and more) to create works of art around your home; or at the least, give a simple job a little artistic flair, over and above your expectations.

Clean, classic, timeless designs

Every type of stone will lend different character or style to your landscape design and build project.  Pavers, cobblestone, flagstone, armour stones all add something different to your outdoor landscape.  We leverage our knowledge and experience with the different types of stone with creativity and craftsmanship to create functional, beautiful flagstone, interlock, natural stone and man-made stone designs that improve with age.

The best foundation, customized

There are many ways to put a project together, we only use methods that are tried and true.  The best foundations start with proper excavation, and professional grade aggregates, materials and quality products.

We have always taken the time to properly inspect your projects soil conditions, and customize our foundations to their conditions - slope, drainage, compaction, and so on.  We make the necessary adjustments needed at the time of excavation automatically, with no added cost to you the customer.  We do what is necessary, to ensure that your patio, driveway, walkway steps or walls will stand the test of time.  That includes different grades of aggregate, at proper depths, that will ensure 100% drainage with the correct slope, and 100% compaction.

The results of this methodology are not seen immediately, but many years later when it remains the same.

Excellent warranty & aftercare

Our aftercare is second to none.  We offer a one year warranty on our labor and lifetime on materials.  We never the less, will always take care of our clients needs even past the labor warranty.  We have always remained steadfast in our commitment to provide superior quality workmanship.  We want our projects to always reflect that, and our reputation depends on it.

Built to last a lifetime

We give your project the best materials and the best foundation.  We build it with care, with expert assembly and a meticulous finish.  This attention to detail combined with a lifetime warranty on materials ensures your landscape design and build project will bring you enjoyment for years to come.

We are always on site

We will not sell you a patio or driveway then just disappear.  We prefer to be on site; you will always deal with us.  We are there from the beginning to the end of the job to ensure you receive the quality of workmanship and customer service you deserve.

We build it quick, We build it better

We “build it quick and we build it better”, the benefit of practice, experience and confidence. Our efficiency comes from our experience and the use of specialized equipment and our hard working staff.

We do a thorough nightly clean-up

We carefully clean up the job site nightly, removing debris and any hazards.  We are very conscientious about this, especially over weekends.

We build relationships with our customers

We like to build a relationship with our clients; we follow up on every job to ensure satisfaction.  As a result, our customers have been the best promoters of our company. In fact, most of our new projects are generated by referrals..

We care about your project

At the end of the day, we really care about what we do.  Whether you have a smaller home or a large one, your landscape design and build project will receive the same care, craftsmanship, and attention to detail we give our own homes.

We stand by our workmanship

We want you to be happy when we are done, happy with the quality and happy with the end result.  We are committed to providing great service and quality workmanship at affordable prices.

Our stone and landscaping renovations add value to your home, more than you will spend

The bottom line is that a landscape design and build project built by Tomar Construction will add value to your home.  Not just because landscape projects add value in general (up to 20% ROI) and help your home sell faster, but because of the quality of our workmanship.